Dean Collier - Personal and Business Intuition

Dean Collier joined Maddison Training in December 2001. He adds the dimension of "Business Intuition" and "Emotional Intelligence" to the people skills expertise of Maddison Training.

Dean is pioneering "Business Intuition" and is skilled in putting you in-touch with the source of your own intuition.

20 years experience in the Travel Industry as Office Manager and Group Travel & Promotions Manager, and Overland Safaris leader Sydney to London gave Dean massive understanding in leadership and people skills.

Teacher and trainer of metaphysical subjects since 1980 and with qualifications from the North Shore Parapsychology School in Auckland, NZ, he accurately forecasts influences affecting business trends and personal directions for people.

Dean's inspirational courses, seminars and keynote presentations assist you to utilise full use of your intuition in all areas of people skill training.

The skill of intuition added to your 5 senses is the heart of success in business today. It adds a dimension to all the people skills offered by Maddison Training.

Examples of courses:

  • Profiling: Right Person Right Job
  • Rewards and Recognition - Dean &Yvonne Double Act
  • The Real You Can Get It!
  • Career Path Numerology
  • Know Influences Affecting Your Business
  • Be Ready When Choices Happen